Brenda Willison 

Town Crier of Newmarket

President of the Loyal Company of Town Criers

About me

Town Crier of Newmarket
President of the Loyal Company of Town Criers

I have been a Town Crier since September 1987 when I became deputy of Peterborough and it wasn't long before I became Town Crier of Market Deeping in Lincolnshire for over 20 years.


Following a move to the Peak District I became Town Crier of Bakewell and now I am proud to be Town crier of Newmarket in Suffolk.


I have travelled the World promoting my Towns and have done a variety of work including: 

Civic ceremonies, carnival parades, weddings, as well as numerous jobs for charity. I have also been to Buckingham Palace to cry for the Queen Mum's 100th birthday, the Queen's 90th birthday and the Queen's silver Jubilee as well as going to the Tower of London for a special celebration for the Queen's platinum Jubilee.


My most memorable cry was in 1995 when I was in Thailand where I did a cry for Peace on the Bridge over the River Kwai at 11.00 o'clock on Remembrance Sunday. This was to  celebrate 50 years of Peace. 


I was then asked in 2018 by Bruno Peek the Queen's Pageant-master ( as I was then  Chairman of the Loyal Company of Town Criers) to provide a cry for the Battle's over Nation'sTribute to celebrate 100 years of Peace since WW1. 


This cry was completed by over 150 criers throughout the World on November 11th 2018 which was an adaptation of the previous cry I did in 1995 on the Bridge over the River Kwai.


I have achieved many accolades and awards throughout the years by attending competitions throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. 


In 1993 I managed to be 27th in the World and also became the Niagara Falls champion. 

In 1997 I was measured as the loudest in Britain when I reached 109 decibels on the decibel meter when the British Championship was held in Lincoln.


I also came second in the British Championship held in Hebden Bridge in 2012 in a male dominated profession.


People often ask what skills are needed to be a Town Crier as it has been pointed out by the public that they didn't know there were lady criers. 


Skills required are a good voice, a good pair of lungs, a good pair of legs, a sense of history, tradition and of course a sense of humour and a liking to dress up differently.


People like to see and hear criers and as such there is always a welcome for a more colourful way to shout something from the rooftops.


On officially being appointed as a Town crier to represent a Town or City they can then join the Loyal Company of Town Criers or the Ancient and Honourable Guild of Town Criers both of which employ codes of conduct and working practices.


I am proud to be a member of both organisations and even prouder to have been recently selected as the President of the Loyal Company of Town Criers following 12 years as their Chairman.

A Cry for Peace Around the World

Oyez Oyez Oyez

Town Criers raise your voices and together cry with me Remembering those brave men and women in our history
"The Battle’s Over" 

A Nation’s tribute remembers them one and all  

Be proud and stand united, don’t let your memories fall 

Confidence is what we need so that Nations trust each other

And all the Races of mankind treat each other as a brother
Food for every living thing by nature is provided
If we could only see it was equally divided
The woods and streams, the mountains high, the sea and golden shore 

Were never, ever meant to be the cause of senseless bloody war
Or race for powerful armaments and sacrifice of youth,
But a World of true contentment built on Faith and Trust and Truth 

Peace to the World

God Save The Queen

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